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Author Topic:   Requesting Math Help/Feedback for my Web Page
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10-08-2017 4:27 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by caffeine
09-20-2017 3:50 PM

"You're measuring the rate of change of the length of the day with respect to time; a velocity is change in position with respect to time. A change in the length of the day over time means a change in the speed of the earth's rotation over time, and of course the rate at which speed changes is acceleration."

Not really. What is being discussed is the rate at which the length of a day is increasing. It does not make sense to call such a thing an acceleration.

We would instead talk about the rate at which the earth's rate of spin is decreasing. The spin is an angular velocity. It would make sense to call the rate at which an angular velocity is increasing acceleration.

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