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Author Topic:   Eden = Aden
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10-08-2017 7:26 PM

Eden = Aden



Noah - Yemen
Ham - Nile
Shem - Euphrates
Japhet - Tigris

A local legend in Yemen states that Aden may be as old as human history itself. Some also believe that Cain and Abel are buried somewhere in the city

Land of Nod = India

Why BELIEVE that it will rain today when you can KNOW that it might rain today. Belief is unnecessary and illogical.

A moral person is a person that understands that the universe does not revolve around their ego.

A civilized society is a society whose laws do not revolve around any one person or group of people.
The more a society treats everyone as equals the more civilized it is.

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10-09-2017 10:52 AM

Thread Copied to Faith and Belief Forum
Thread copied to the Eden = Aden thread in the Faith and Belief forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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