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Author Topic:   Dogma vs Evidence
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05-14-2018 10:14 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by jar
05-14-2018 9:34 AM

Which way do you want this posse to ride?
jar writes:

In Message 196 of Religion or Science - How do they compare? Faith says ...

Faith writes:

The Bible was directly and personally inspired by God, meaning the men who wrote it were guided by God.

The Bible is a compilation of Spirit-inspired writings by God's own chosen prophets and apostles.

... but what does the evidence show?

Is this topic focused on evidence, dogma and belief, or both?

jar writes:

But the Bible is filled with contradictions and factual errors and when examined honestly looks far more like evolving folk tales than some Spirit-inspired writings.

Critics would point out that many Theologians don't see it as you do and not simply because they are dishonest. Perhaps they embrace dogma and belief because they actually believe that a Creator of all seen and unseen has an ongoing communication with humanity. Are you going to demand evidence from them or are you going to accept that they embrace the dogma of their cult and that this so-called cult is arguably quite large. In other words, will this topic allow dogma alongside evidence or will you turn the conversation back to your logic, reason, reality style of teaching that EvC Forum is full of?

jar,to Faith writes:

Well let's look beyond your unsupported assertions and at the actual evidence.

One could argue that her assertions are supported by the dogma of the larger cult, or group of believers. Again, will you allow dogma to be introduced as a form of support for this type of thinking?

jar writes:

So here again is positive evidence that the Bible is not inerrant and instead simply the product of human imagination.

The question is, "What evidence other than the dogma of her Cult exists to support the claims Faith makes?"

So before I promote this, keep in mind that Faith may not even appear to defend her dogmatic beliefs...and I certainly won't in my Phat role. Can you clarify which direction you want this topic to go?

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Posts: 1949
From: Denver,Colorado USA
Joined: 12-03-2004

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05-14-2018 10:29 AM

Thread Copied from Proposed New Topics Forum
Thread copied here from the Dogma vs Evidence thread in the Proposed New Topics forum.

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