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Author Topic:   List of reputable scientists
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05-23-2018 5:09 PM

I'm wondering if we can make a list of reputable scientists to counter the people that post a request to give them so-called "respected scientist" sources. Someone poses a question like this:

You can say this cause your qualified? So give me a some example of current scientists whom you deem worthy.

...and i'd like to hit him with a list of 800 evolutionary scientists.

Here was his video post on facebook, claiming 2 reputable "scientists":


Todd Wood, PhD??? PhD of what?

This would be an EvC list similar to the Refuted-1000-Times list.

- xongsmith, 5.7d

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05-23-2018 8:46 PM

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Thread copied to the List of reputable scientists thread in the Links and Information forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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