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Author Topic:   List of reputable scientists
mike the wiz
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Message 6 of 10 (833754)
05-26-2018 9:08 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by Diomedes
05-25-2018 2:54 PM

Diomedes, what does your diagram represent other than propaganda?

For example if I am a creationist and I don't use, "bad logic" or I don't use quote-mining, then if that is not my "creationist method", then wouldn't your diagram be false?

So when you say, "it really is that simple", are you aware for example that "sound logic" would tell us that this only represents a false disjunction called a false dichotomy, sometimes known as a limited choice fallacy?

As creationist, that is not my, "method", and it seems to me only people with low IQs would use such a method, and only people with low IQs would argue that it is as "simple" as this.

As for your "scientific method" where is your testing? For example do you accept phlogiston? It seems you still could if your method was as, "simple" as this. I don't know about you but it seems to me there is repeatable, testable elements to science, this is why I know that it doesn't matter if we test an F1 car speeding round a corner at 100mph, 1 million times, because the downforce generated by the wings will enable it to hold the corner. This is why it doesn't matter if a bus corners at the same speed, 1 million times, we know that linear momentum will have it topple every time because centripetal force won't be sufficient to hold it. This is why we could seal a rat in a dome 1 million times to find out if indeed air is, "exotic", or look at germs under the microscope 1 million times.

Please tell me, can you show 1 million times how scales evolve into feathers?

ADMIN: why wasn't Diomedes reprimanded for his mischief? I was when I posted to links and information with a summary of evolution.

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