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Author Topic:   The Evolution Theory is a Myth Equivalent to the Flat Earth Theory
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07-08-2018 9:47 AM

Although the public acceptance of the evolution theory and the flat Earth theory is quite different, both of these theories are in stark contradiction with empirical facts, which makes them equally mythical. The reason for the difference in public acceptance lies in the level of scientific knowledge required for the understanding of their mythical nature. Namely, in the case of the flat Earth theory, images from space provided the public with simple observational proof that Earth is not flat but spherical, which made the flat Earth theory very difficult to take seriously. However, in the case of evolution theory, things are not so simple since the general public is not familiar with the empirical or mathematical knowledge about the actual capabilities and constraints of the evolutionary processes. But once this knowledge is revealed, the mythical nature of the evolution theory becomes obvious, just as in the case of the flat Earth theory.
In its most essential form, the evolution theory is an idea according to which the evolutionary processes of mutations, gene migration, natural selection and genetic drift can produce previously non-existent biological functions, like visual or auditory perception, respiration, locomotion, liquid pumping, processing sensory information, inserting, deleting, or replacing DNA sequences, etc. In other words, this idea holds that starting from the first self-replicating organism, which lacked structures like eyes, ears, lungs, gills, joints, heart, brain, RNA splicing machine, etc., these structures came into existence just because mutations, gene migration, natural selection and genetic drift were happening. Since these four processes are factual, i.e. they are known by actual experience or observation, we can use the scientific method to test whether they really can do what the evolutionary idea holds they can do, and in that way determine whether the evolution theory is a valid scientific theory or a pseudoscientific myth equivalent to the flat Earth theory. For that purpose, first we are going to take a look at the longest empirical observation of evolutionary processes in action, which is the E.coli long-term evolution experiment. After that we will determine mathematically whether the evolutionary processes are capable of producing a primitive biological function.
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Member (Idle past 2180 days)
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07-08-2018 10:41 AM
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07-08-2018 10:22 AM

Re: Not promotable for a variety of reasons
The truth is not dependent on what I personally believe, or on whether I copy/pasted and/or restated it. The truth is that the evolution theory is a myth, which is proved with the linked article. As an administrator, it is up to you to decide whether you want to promote or suppress this.

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