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Author Topic:   Christianity Needs to Return to Being a Good Example
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11-24-2018 2:25 PM
Reply to: Message 13 by Porkncheese
11-24-2018 6:00 AM

Re: Forced?
Are you seriously having to ask?

How about Catholic hospital systems that overwhelmiingly control some markets and require medical treatment to follow Catholic teaching. Specifics include refusal to allow abortions for mother’s health for fetus that will not survive birth.

Abortion laws that dont include exceptions for rape, incest and mother’s health.

Abstinence only sex education rather than full education.
Allowing non-medical people to give birth control information even if wrong.

Blocking adoptions by same sex couples.

Preventing same sex couples from getting marriage licenses.

Allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense legal drugs under valid presciptions.

Blue laws restricting Sunday sales.

Numerous small town sporting events and public meetings that begin with Christian prayers.

Installation of 10 Commandments on public property and sometimes with public funds.

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Member (Idle past 337 days)
Posts: 161
From: Cincinnati OH
Joined: 10-12-2015

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11-24-2018 5:28 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by 14174dm
11-24-2018 2:25 PM

Re: Forced?
After my last rant I will be out there the people I look up to, those whose works match their words.

Those who run and volunteer to help at the local food pantries and homeless shelters.

Those who give half or more of their vacation and spend their own money to take youth on service trips to Appalachia, inner cityies, and third world countries.

Those who open their homes to the homeless and lost.

Those that teach adults in the evenings and/or volunteer at inner city schols.

I know many Christians that live their love. Notice that they act out an example rather than force behavior through laws.

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