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Author Topic:   Idiocy of the most amusing kind.....
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Message 91 of 91 (84626)
02-09-2004 2:10 AM
Reply to: Message 39 by doctrbill
11-07-2002 9:34 PM

People follow what rings true for them. Church doctrine still rings true for many people. Mostly the poor and ignorant in third-world countries.

Really? Where can I get the details on that statistic?

No kidding! Another fantasy for our entertainment. Oh, yes, I love a scary story!

Might as well laugh, while you still can. Luke said he wasn't afraid. His jedi master responded, "you WILL be.... YOU WILL BE..."
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 Message 39 by doctrbill, posted 11-07-2002 9:34 PM doctrbill has not yet responded

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