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Author Topic:   What is behind the "False News" paranoia? Is it paranoia? Does "False News" exist?
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01-26-2019 4:54 PM
Reply to: Message 11 by LamarkNewAge
12-30-2018 6:08 PM

Re: Can't find any foreign policy threads (including my own ones)
The 2 governments have been telling him to get the heck out.

It's worth bearing in mind that neither the Syrian nor Afghan people are all of one mind. The Syrian government certainly wants the US gone, but at least some of the people are probably none too happy at the thought - primarily those who see an American presence as their best protection against the government, or a Turkish attack.

When it comes to Afghanistan, why on earth would the government want the US to leave? On the contrary, the Afghan government is very worried by the idea of a NATO withdrawal. Especially since Taliban negotiators are claiming that their agreement with the US involves an interim government which would include the Taliban - something none of the different factions in the current Afghan government want.

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