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Author Topic:   Bible Inerrancy stands against all objections
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From: frozen wasteland
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Message 226 of 226 (852420)
05-10-2019 12:24 PM
Reply to: Message 224 by Sarah Bellum
05-09-2019 6:09 PM

Sarah Bellum writes:

Put it another way: what if the Bible had errors in it? The readers of the Bible would then have to use their own judgment about what to believe and how to act.

You answered your own question. Why think when you can have a commentator do it for you?

Sarah bellum writes:

But that is what they do already, isn't it?

If you put a baby and a barbecue in front of some "inerrantists", they'd need a YouTube video to tell them what to do with them.


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 Message 224 by Sarah Bellum, posted 05-09-2019 6:09 PM Sarah Bellum has not yet responded

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