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Author Topic:   Demonic Holy Bible - How did your Bible become demonic?
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05-23-2019 2:42 PM

Hi, this is more about Social issues or the bible not being accurate nor inerrant either.
There is enough evidence that the bible was changed to demonic mistranslations.
The following was quoted from ALTA MOST HIGH G y a h a v e h (facebook page)
In the recent thousand years the very badly revised and corrected sentences called biblical that have been offered for the World do not look in no way friendly and fair, but very egotistical, bipolar and unrighteous.
That the original writings were changed to demonic, is evident because their distorted mistranslations are the exact opposite of righteousness, e.g. What if the government starts judging every man for his belief ... Would you call it righteousness?
Demonic: "... whoever does not believe is condemned already ..." ...
Original writings: "... Whoever does not see the light stands already in the darkness, for not seeing the (glittering) splendor of the name (through the clouds of heaven) ..."
... People are not judged for their belief, but for their deeds
The foundation of christianism, which is founded in redemption or Redentione (a Roman doctrine that believes in payment of a price in exchange for forgiveness) is demonic,
1. Because all people never ceased to belong to the Most High
2. Forgiveness is given for free (without having to believe, no sacrifice of firstborn, no payment of ransom). But the original writings were changed to demonic telling you lies, telling to have to be a believer, telling you a price or ransom had been paid.
3. You know the truth is that the Most High never needed to pay anything to whoever
4. and never said you would be bought;
5. the Most High never ceased from having mercy;
6. never said everybody died;
7. never said a price would have to be paid (to whoever) in exchange for Forgiveness.
Redentione or redemption (payment of price in exchange for forgiveness) does not work because the devil is just a creature, a dragon, a serpent. Redemtione is demonic because even if people ceased to belong to the Highest,
there is still the fact that Forgiveness is not bought. It is not given in exchange for a payment of price
Forgiveness is not bought with blood
"I will have mercy on whom I’ll have mercy"
1. this means that it does not depend on belief;
2. it means that forgiveness does not depend on payment of a price;
3. this means that it is not something bought with blood or sacrifices of first-born;
4. it means that your bible has been mixed with lies and that a large part of it became demonic or unclean (not as originally written) and needs to become cleanse again.
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05-23-2019 8:33 PM

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