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Author Topic:   More on Diet and Carbohydrates
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08-07-2019 5:56 PM
Reply to: Message 240 by Faith
08-07-2019 4:31 PM

Re: Going on another keto style diet
Not quite strict Keto...they advocate 20g or less of carbs a day and I try and maintain 40G or less.
Health Plan

Carbs are addictive, however. I find it easier to stay away from them rather than have smaller portions--eating them after a few days of low carb is like pouring gasoline on a fire!

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08-07-2019 6:17 PM
Reply to: Message 241 by Thugpreacha
08-07-2019 5:56 PM

Re: Going on another keto style diet
Code Red doesn't advocate a specific weight or measure of anything, saying it's an individual thing and we're all different. It does advocate proportions: 60-30-10: 60% calories from fat, 30% calories from protein, and 10% calories from carbs. By weighing and measuring everything you put in your mouth, and weighing yourself every day, you are to determine for yourself what amounts of calories you need to lose weight and figure the proportions of the three categories to add up to that total. I'm not going to do that, or the water and I know I can't get the sleep they advocate, so I'm just going to keep the carbs to a minimum. I DID get a scale though so I'll weigh myself and cut back if I'm not losing weight.
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 Message 241 by Thugpreacha, posted 08-07-2019 5:56 PM Thugpreacha has acknowledged this reply

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