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Author Topic:   Do you think Democrats would be able to win while supporting open borders?
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08-10-2019 12:17 AM

I have noticed that there is something of a conventional wisdom (especially among Democratic posters here, but in the party's professional members), which suggest that Democrats cannot win if they are perceived to support open borders.

I just found something that might contradict the conventional wisdom.

(This was earlier in the year, before the Democratic leadership & opinion makers started shooting down the idea of open borders being a reasonable policy the party can support)

Look at this link:


Those polled said:

They would support Democrats (45%)

They would support Republicans (38%)

So Democrats have a slight edge among the scientific study of the general population.

But, there was an interesting question asked:

28. Do you believe or not believe this statement: Democrats are for open borders.

1. Believe 49

2. Do not believe 36

3. Don’t Know 16

Just about half outright believe Democrats are for open borders, and over 64% think they are or possibly are.

So immigration (back in March of 2019) hurts Democrats in this group, right?

Let us see

Which party do you have more confidence in to handle each of the following issues -
(ROTATE) the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? (ROTATE LIST BELOW)
7. The Economy 43 43 14
8. Jobs 44 42 14
9. Taxes 42 43 15
10. Health care 33 52 14
11. Defense/terrorism 49 34 17
12. Immigration 42 46 12
13. Retirement 34 45 21
14. Border Security 46 39 14

15. If the elections were held today for US Congress in your state, would you be more
likely to vote for (ROTATE) the Republican candidate or the Democrat candidate?

(ROTATE answer options 1 and 3)

1. Republican 38
2. Lean Republican 3
3. Undecided 11
4. Lean Democrat 3
5. Democrat 45


The format messed up my paste. See link for clear reading the results.

Democrats have the support of 46% on immigration, while Republicans have 42%.

The very same folks who said Democrats were for open borders.

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