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Author Topic:   Fixing the Senate’s imbalance
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12-23-2019 6:48 PM

The state of Wyoming has a population of 577,000 (July 1, 2019 census estimate). Wyoming has two senators in the senate.

The state of California has a population of 40 Million. California has two senators.

Each and every citizen of Wyoming has 70 times the representation in the all powerful senate than a citizen of California. Not 20% or 50% or 3 times or 10 times the representation; but 70 times the representation! This, in effect, is gerrymandering of the highest and most extreme order!

There was an effort to place a proposition on the 2018 California ballot (Proposition 9) that would split the state into 3 separate states with six senators, but it was removed from the ballot by the California Supreme Court. This site explains what happened

We are now planning to take a different and more effective tact to rebalance the Senate so that it reflects the will of the people. We are recruiting 72,000 voting Democrats in California who will move to and take up residence in Wyoming. This will turn Wyoming from a solid red state to a solid blue state, and all of the state offices, Wyoming’s one congressman, and the legislative bodies will be controlled by Democrats. Once this has been accomplished 76,000 VDs will be sent to North Dakota and 79,000 to South Dakota. This migration represents only 1% of California’s registered Democrats. Of course, we’ll have to take care that large red states (e. g., Texas and Florida) don’t try to shift the balance back. But that is easily assured. Once the Democrats have control of the aforementioned states, laws will be passed labeling anyone from large red states as Islamic terrorists and ineligible for citizenship.

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