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Author Topic:   Anti open borders moderate Democrat Katie Hill wears iron cross
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03-09-2020 12:05 AM

She resigned from Congress but the media sure did love her.

I never paid attention to the details of her nude photos scandal and I was just so grateful she had to resign. Good riddance.

I remember she said border walls were not so bad just before her scandal that quickly ended her tenure as congress creature. She said Trump was the problem, not border walls. It turned out that she liked white supremacist crosses.

This was a media hog of a young congresswoman. Partisan Democrats loved her intensely.

I wonder if this lady is a lesson when we hear so much partisan anti Trump stuff. The anti Bush people used the war issue to attack Bush but it turns out that many of them are much more the warmonger than he.

I don't trust Democratic hot air balloons on immigration due to the flip on war issues that we have all seen.

I remain full of gratitude that Katie Hill is gone but few understand the lesson because the media that loved her so much won't use her as a teachable lesson. The very same media that is.

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03-22-2020 1:58 AM
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03-09-2020 12:05 AM

Odd little ramble rejected


Or something like that©.

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