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Author Topic:   Evolution 2.0 Perry Marshall
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04-25-2020 3:37 PM

I haven't heard of Evolution 2.0 or Perry Marshall before but I really should have done. I couldn't find anything on this site either - but that may be because I never can find anything here.

Anyway, Perry is a Christian from a yec ultraconservative upbringing but is now a fairly modern one, accepting of old earth and evolution.

The video below tells his story and explains his ideas of evolution which I find interesting. It's unnecessarily long winded; what he has to say could be done in 10 minutes but that's the way of these things.

He's a scientist/entrepreneur/electronic engineer and decided to examine evolution with an engineering approach and I think has come up with a pretty smart - albeit religious - twist. The twist being that DNA is a code and he says, the only code not made by an intelligence if biologists are to be believed. But he found that that argument just becomes a definitional problem and got nowhere.

So he launched a prize fund for the first person to create a self-creating code - which he says DNA is. (Though his sub-text is that it required an intelligence to kick it off). Ultimately the prize is worth $5m.

Anyhoo, here it is.

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04-26-2020 8:06 AM

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