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Author Topic:   The Right Side of the News
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04-15-2020 9:54 AM
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04-14-2020 9:53 AM

What will?
Science alone wont [sic] protect us from pestilence.

Only science will protect us from pestilence. What else do you think is necessary?

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04-23-2020 1:08 AM

Sean Hannity - a good friend to the Coronavirus
Ars Technica reports on a study that finds that Fox viewers who preferred Sean Hannity over Tucker Carlson were more likely to catch the coronavirus. Hannity played down the threat from the virus up until mid-March while Carlson warned of it from January.

The consequence is that Carlson’s viewers took action to avoid infection a little earlier than other Fox viewers, while Hannity’s viewers were noticeably later than the average Fox viewer.

Hannity viewers were more likely to catch - and die of - COVID-19.

Whether Fox News planned to conduct this experiment or not, it does elegantly show that dis- or misinformation during a public health emergency costs lives.

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05-14-2020 9:18 AM

More Fake News from the Fake News King
In GOP victories from Tuesday's special election races largely ignored by media Fox News reports about GOP victories in special elections in California and takes this slap at the major news networks:

However, there was little to zero mention of Garcia and Tiffany's victories on any of the major news networks.

Yet the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN all reported it in full articles, as I'm sure did all the other major news outlets:

I hope Fox News consumers realize that Fox is as inconstant as the wind. They pivoted on a dime when the seriousness of the pandemic became clear, switching from ridiculing those convinced of its seriousness to professing that they'd always taken the virus seriously. When Trump finally leaves office and the breadth and depth and his malfeasance becomes clear, whether in six months or four years six months, Fox will again pivot and say they'd always known the corruption and venality of the 45th president.


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Message 5794 of 5794 (876198)
05-14-2020 10:12 AM
Reply to: Message 5793 by Percy
05-14-2020 9:18 AM

Re: More Fake News from the Fake News King
You really don't seem to understand the basics of how the Trump and CCoI think.

You seem to ignore that they place SOURCE above content, DESIRE above evidence and BELIEF above reality.

It does not matter is Fox news reverses their position; there really is an alternate REALITY for them. We have always been at war with ... whoever the current THEM happens to be. We have always known ... whatever the current POSITION happens to be.

If you point out that Trump lied; they respond XYZ lied. If you point out that death totals are rising, they respond that death is part of life.

Trump understands his base. He really could shoot someone in the middle of the day on 5th Avenue and not lose even a single vote.

It is the same way they see the God they market and they have told you just that time and time again.

If God did it it cannot be wrong; it can only be justice.

The Senate with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding agreed. If Trump believed an act was in the Best Interest of the Nation then it cannot be wrong, cannot be a crime, cannot even rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

SOURCE over content.

If a Governor fails to let people return to work then those people suffer because of the Governor.

If a Governor lets people return to work and then those people die it is because of the Governor.

TRUMP did the right thing. Always. Irregardless. Without limitation.

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