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Author Topic:   Revisiting Aquinas's Argument from Perfection
Trump won 
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07-31-2020 12:19 AM

The highest form of things. If there is love, there must exist a perfected form of it, for all other forms of love, to be judged from.

Hence, Christ is the perfect love, Our Lord of Love, rather, Our Lord of Divine Mercy.

We see evil perfected and suffering perfected, but our love was perfected in suffering, and out of perfect evil, abounded perfect goodness, Christ, the essence of perfect love. The quintessence of love.

Atheism is a brain disease, it is inert matter, brain decay, brain damage, and dead brain tissue, it represents disease and filth and death, it is totally inert. It does not move nor have the form of movement, it is not stagnant, it is a rock that cannot teach itself to roll, it is human depravity. Atheism is a beleagured thought pattern that promotes illness and mental deformity. It values ugliness and does not understand love. Ugly is ugliness, the elephant man: to the atheist, a deformed hominid, to the Christian, beauty in quintessence, a soul of light, love, and beauty, and the leaves roll down the hill, the cock crows, the moon brightens the night, the deer run in front of cars, and Christ has been revealed, the extreme love to the extreme hate, the perfect love that illumines the world. The spiritual sun and omphalos of man's nature and nature's nature; we believe in created beings, not aimlessness, not order of chaos, not evilness, not something out of nothing, not erudition for the benefit of the blind, dumb, and deaf.

Nicodemus enters the stage and he asks the Christman ecce homo,

how can a man be born again, without reentering a womb,

but this rebirth is total and complete and of the Spirit, the spirit is a denied reality here, but what permits the creator to keep his captive here, if this was merely a simulation, wouldn't we have made a purposeful GAME OVER?

blue pill boomers echo the halls

sophomoric gotcha artists

creation is the way

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 Message 2 by AdminPhat, posted 07-31-2020 11:38 AM Trump won has responded

Trump won 
Suspended Member (Idle past 266 days)
Posts: 1928
Joined: 01-12-2004

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08-01-2020 12:55 AM
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07-31-2020 11:38 AM

Re: To Promote Or Not to Promote.
ill get back to u on this when i have a free moment

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