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Author Topic:   In Memoriam: RAZD
mike the wiz
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09-14-2020 6:16 PM
Reply to: Message 24 by Tangle
07-08-2020 2:34 PM

Tangle writes:

I was just reading RAZD's epic work on pulling all the dating evidence together in one place and marvelling at his workrate whilst comparing it to dad's ignorant one sentence dismissals and thinking that those two summarise the whole problem between science and religion

I find it CRASS you would use this thread for this purpose.

The two vague groups, "science" and, "religion" are used to lump people into two groups, which RAZD no doubt would have appreciated as being a false logical disjunction sometimes known popularly as a, "false dichotomy" and less commonly as a "limited choice fallacy".

The fact is the term, "religion" is too broad a category, and your argument fails to note that there will be qualified creation scientists or designists that likely would as scientists be able to come up with something more sophisticated than, "dad"s response.

Which is precisely why the disjunction you propose is false, because people cannot be lumped into two broad categories. The fact is you will find incompetent people on the side of evolution and on the side of creation also, just as in any human group traits are not decided based on this binary grouping of two terms. (a rather ODD corollary of "new-atheism" this false dichotomy)

That is absurd, ignorance is ubiquitous and it can be shown to exist in both religious and non-religious people.

This is really basic stuff, it's a real good example as to why I can never be an evolutionist, because I don't have the ability of a mendax flagrante.

To think in such crude, uneducated terms shows a very basic ineptitude even of basic logical notation. To actually believe you live in a world where all people are evolutionist and wonderful and on the side of science and all that don't accept evolution are not is at best insulting even to the agnosts that accept or are open to ID, and at worst CRUDE and shows a distinct lack of acuity.

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Edited by AdminPhat, : I miss RAZD too. Lets respect his eulogy.

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