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Author Topic:   Free Press
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09-30-2020 8:01 PM

Not so much topic, though please comment away, but more of an FYI.

This girl is good. I like her presentation, her personality and, yes, yes, yes, I like her politics … a lot.

The question she presents here is how far is our commitment to free speech via a free press.

We know there are limits to free speech already established in our courts. Interference by government can be justified under unique and special circumstances.

What is happening here are attempts to punish, get revenge, crucify, a real asshole of a human being (literally), who just happens to be a journalist (told ya it was literal) and the incidences requiring the punishment, revenge and crucifixion were the publications of US Government SuperDouble Top Secret stuff that turned out to reveal massive corruption, murders, conspiracies and just flat out amazingly embarrassing things.

The revelations severely damaged the standing and reputation of this country … like real bad. But these things weren’t wrong. They weren’t lies, propaganda or hoax and everyone (now) knows and acknowledges that. We did this to ourselves … or more accurately put … our government did this to us in our name.

I admit this guy would not be my first choice for poster boy for a free press but isn’t this what a free press is supposed to do? This is a chilling hit on anyone else, poster boy or not, thinking of exposing this level of real evil government crap.

But, then, I’m a bit surprised they haven’t done an Epstein on his ass already.

Factio Republicana delenda est.
I am antifa.

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10-01-2020 11:49 PM

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