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Author Topic:   2 Bit Cons. The Apologetics Behind The Finances
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05-25-2021 3:22 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Phat
05-25-2021 2:16 AM

Re: Philosophical Side of the Coin
Of course you don’t love money - nobody does. Money, whether in the form of cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, funds, etc. is just a proxy. But real us legal tender money is significantly different than, say, Monopoly game money, which is also just a proxy. Monopoly money is a proxy for little cardboard cards for property sites and little wooden houses and hotels, all of which generate more Monopoly money and can lead to the satisfaction of winning the game or the disappointment of loosing the game.

“Real’ money is a proxy for several things: First and foremost, it is a proxy for survival since it can be traded for food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, and other stuff necessary for you and your loved ones to survive. Second, it is proxy for enjoyment since it can be exchanged for many of those things that bring pleasure to your life. Make a list of several of the things that you enjoy and bring you pleasure and which you would regret not having if they were not available. For each of those items, make another list of those people whose labor is required to make those activities possible. Enjoy golf? Who made the clubs, bag, tees, golf shoes? Who built and maintains the courses? Enjoy hiking in national parks? A lot of labor from a lot of people is required to make that possible. Enjoy (or are compelled) posting on EvC - think of the thousands of people whose labor makes that possible. Third, and also very important, it is proxy for comfort - knowing that you have the resources to deal with problems, minuscule to life threatening, that occur. I am guessing from your posts that this is a major concern of yours. What if the police had accused you of killing your wife? Do you have the financial resources for a good lawyer and all the expenses he would rack up to properly defend you? Justice is one of the most expensive commodities in our society.

An old saying (well, about 30 seconds old): The man who can live within his means is wealth, he who lives beyond his means lives in poverty.

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