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Author Topic:   The shots
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08-25-2021 3:26 PM

Got my second Pfizer jab today. In a country where only 8.8% of the people are fully vaccinated. I'm jubilant for myself. In two weeks time I can start to return to a more-or-less normal life. With a mask on and socially distancing of course.

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 Message 2 by Percy, posted 08-25-2021 8:41 PM Pressie has not yet responded

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08-25-2021 8:41 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Pressie
08-25-2021 3:26 PM

If the delta variant, which has much higher transmissibility, is in SA then you cannot return to a normal life because of the possibility of acquiring a breakthrough infection. Except at home you should wear masks inside and avoid any public indoor situations where you can't wear a mask, such as a bar or restaurant.

I totaled up the statistics recently for all the states in the US for which statistics exist and they showed that vaccinated people are 42 times less likely to be catch covid and be hospitalized, and 21 times less likely to catch covid and die. The health risks inherent in the possibility of a breakthrough infection aren't just to you but to everyone you come in contact with, including friends, family, and great grandma.

Vaccines don't prevent infection. Vaccinated people can be infected just as easily as unvaccinated people. The difference is that the immune system of vaccinated people is already prepped to fight off the infection. The likelihood of the virus gaining a foothold in a vaccinated person to an extent to cause a negative health outcome is much less, but with the delta variant the sinuses of infected vaccinated people have just as high concentrations of virus as unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people can spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated people.


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 Message 1 by Pressie, posted 08-25-2021 3:26 PM Pressie has not yet responded

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