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Author Topic:   Why I Don’t Buy the Resurrection Story
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11-16-2021 8:55 AM
Reply to: Message 7 by Tangle
11-16-2021 6:22 AM

Re: I don't buy it, either
I used to listen on the radio every week to Garner Ted Armstrong, "Bringing you the plain truth about today's world events and The World Tomorrow." Boy was he ever excited after the 1967 war when Israel annexed Jerusalem. That was one of the big pieces of prophecy he'd been talking about for years, and it proved the second coming was imminent. I talked about it with friends, reciting all the prophecies that had already come true, and now this big one.

From a young age I believed that how we established it was all true would eventually be added to my religious education. I remember thinking around age ten that right now I'm just getting stories, but pretty soon they'll be connecting all the dots between the stories and the evidence. I was a solid believer.

But they never did connect the dots. I never had an epiphany, I just gradually stopped believing.


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