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Author Topic:   CATO Institute had a big IMMIGRATION AND NATIONAL IDENTITY survey, April 27, 2021
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01-01-2022 8:11 PM

Dallas Morning News & University of Texas of Tyler polled 2106 Texas voters, Nov 9-16
48% of Texas voters said they supported "permanent legal status" for minors brought to the U.S. as children

30% opposed.

(Same poll in September showed 51% support)

My phone cant access PDFs so I am not sure if this poll question is about the children who migrate alone, or children brought by parents, specifically.

(SEE Diane Solis, Dallas Morning News, November 22, 2021, & NOVEMBER 23 POLITICO articles)

The Border Wall seems to hover between 48% (September) and 50% (November) support, in this polling series.

Quinnipiac just released a separate poll, in December 2021, showing results from questions of Texas voters, that shows 45% oppose the wall, while 51% support.

So my anti-wall stand is somewhat in-line with (about) half of Texas voters.

My open-border policy for children might be solidly supported, in 2022, but it might be more complicated. I feel vindicated by my strong support, not just for open borders, but by my insistence that the general public could actually support the policy for children.

Democrats need to stop playing games with the lives of children, and support genuine rights.

(And oppose the damn wall, for God's sake!)
(Texas, almost, opposes the wall)

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