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Author Topic:   The Power of the New Intelligent Design...
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01-19-2022 9:31 PM

Hi, I'm back!

I am just sharing you how we need to use real science in answering the question of origins.

The New Intelligent Design and Its Powerful Correct Scientific Explanations

How will you answer this scientific question in science or religion? “How can you differentiate a created X to an un-created X”? Will you answer, “The created X is complex or irreducibly complex and the un-created X is simple or reducibly complex?”. Or in Biology, a difference or dividing line between an intentionally made biological cell to non-intentional? Will you answer, “intentional is information-coded while the non-intentional is no-information code,”? Or in Cosmology, an intelligently designed Universe to non-intelligently designed Universe?

PHYLOGENY CHALLENGE: Science vs Evolution Round Earth vs Flat Earth 1, Postrado, Edgar, Postrado, Edgar Alberto - Amazon.com

The New Intelligent Design and Its Powerful Correct Scientific Explanations

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