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Author Topic:   Could Trump Instigate A New Civil War?
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Message 47 of 90 (891165)
01-20-2022 5:45 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by Phat
01-20-2022 2:28 AM

Re: spending on homeless
Phat asks:
WTF is wrong with cities spending money on homeless people and causing more harm than good?

While Tucker is a smelly turd of a hockey puck, you have 2 parts to your question.

Nothing is wrong with spending more money on the homeless.

What is wrong is then doing nothing and expecting things to change in less than 20 years of it.

Give them real homes, jobs, schools and friendly neighbors and wait 20 years
- then they will defend those homes & neighborhoods instead of burning them down.

I hope Tucker won't live that long.

"I'm the Grim Reaper now, Mitch. Step aside."

- xongsmith, 5.7d

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