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Author Topic:   What do you know about labor issues?
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01-29-2022 9:55 PM

I worked in no less than 3 companies (in non-right-to-work-states, meaning "pro-labor) that were able to get a rare vote for a union. All were defeated by a 78 to 22 vote, or worse. The company was ferociously against a union, to put it mildly. Most of the suckers, who voted against unionization, got fired, soon after they pleased the company - with the "no" vote.

I found out that there was no second chance vote years later ( in the contacts I made with 2 of the 3 companies).

I know the companies fire pro-union employees, but will not go further.

Joe Manchin supported a "radical" measure to enable votes to take place outside the company. Allow multiple chances to vote for unions. Ban employers from talking to employees about the vote.

Richard Trumpka understated the vote, when he called it "a game changer".

Manchin supports the federal government overruling all the "right-to-work" states. End the "right-to-work" b.s.

Indiana became the 23rd right-to-work state.

(Around 2014)

Michigan the 24th

Then Wisconsin.

Then Missouri.

Then West Virginia. (Amazingly, but Republicans were kicking ass, despite the pro-union culture)

Them Kentucky (the only pro labour southern state).

(Oklahoma was # 22, around 1998, and it was a bitterly divisive move, which divided workers severely)

(Idaho was # 21 way back in the 80s)

What do you know?

(Montana is still pro-union,somehow)


(Alaska, too)

What do you Know?

Democrats have 47 votes for a landmark piece of legislation.

(Mark Kelly, Kyrsten Sinema, & Mark Warner are the only undecided Democrats)

5 Republicans voted for the "radical," pro-union vote. In the house.

Ultra-conservative Don Young, of Alaska (at-large statewide rep, since 1974) voted for it!

Josh Van-Drew, of New Jersey.

Chris Smith

(2 more)

No GOP support in Senate, though.

(47 Dems)

Suspended Member (Idle past 15 days)
Posts: 2236
Joined: 12-22-2015

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01-29-2022 10:19 PM

I say we petition Don Young to run against Lisa Murkowski in the 2022 primary.
I say that as a fairly "right-wing" Marxist.

Yes, I prefer Stalin over Trotsky, in my research.

(But dont really like Stalin, over human-rights and death and torture)

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