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Author Topic:   CATO Institute had a big IMMIGRATION AND NATIONAL IDENTITY survey, April 27, 2021
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01-01-2022 8:11 PM

Dallas Morning News & University of Texas of Tyler polled 2106 Texas voters, Nov 9-16
48% of Texas voters said they supported "permanent legal status" for minors brought to the U.S. as children

30% opposed.

(Same poll in September showed 51% support)

My phone cant access PDFs so I am not sure if this poll question is about the children who migrate alone, or children brought by parents, specifically.

(SEE Diane Solis, Dallas Morning News, November 22, 2021, & NOVEMBER 23 POLITICO articles)

The Border Wall seems to hover between 48% (September) and 50% (November) support, in this polling series.

Quinnipiac just released a separate poll, in December 2021, showing results from questions of Texas voters, that shows 45% oppose the wall, while 51% support.

So my anti-wall stand is somewhat in-line with (about) half of Texas voters.

My open-border policy for children might be solidly supported, in 2022, but it might be more complicated. I feel vindicated by my strong support, not just for open borders, but by my insistence that the general public could actually support the policy for children.

Democrats need to stop playing games with the lives of children, and support genuine rights.

(And oppose the damn wall, for God's sake!)
(Texas, almost, opposes the wall)

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02-24-2022 11:12 PM

Some evidence that most Texas residents dont oppose higher immigration levels.
It is getting tough to find any evidence that Americans might be o.k. with higher immigration levels.

I just read an article, which referenced parts of a recent poll. So it is second hand, from the start.

I will need to look at the actual poll I will reference.

But the ironic thing is that the article was actually written to be evidence that anti-immigration policies are strongly supported by Texans.

The article was an opinion piece written for The Hill. The Mark P. Jones article was Hispanic Support For Republican Hardline Immigration Policies May Keep Texas Red.

Before I begin, I should point out that the Democratic party does not seem to support yearly increases in immigration levels, so don't blame me for the article's comments on politics positions. Dont blame me for any partisan implications. I am not going to quote the article, anyway. I only reference the article because this happens to be the article that made me aware of this poll:

A late-October 2021 Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation poll of Texas registered voters. 1402 Texas voters were polled, of which 616 were Hispanics.

(The ironic thing is that I probably did read the poll before, but I suppose that means I forgot about it, right?)

Jones was happy to show that the poll showed 39% of Texas Hispanics oppose increasing the number of immigrants, from Mecico & Central America, allowed into the United States, while 35% supported.

Jones was also happy that 59% of non-Hispanic white Texans opposed the poll's hypothetical increases, while 25% supported duch a change.

I was thinking that this is evidence that less than half of Texans oppose increases in immigration level increases, which would be a mind-blowing collective position for the nation's second largest state - and a very conservative one at that!

Now, Hispanics and non Hispanic whites are both about 40% of the population of Texas, so it is fair to say that these 80% of Texans have a combined opposition, to immigration-level increases, that amounts to 49% between the two. Granted, only 30%, between the two groups, support the increases.

This is evidence that the opponents of increases, in Texas anyway, are much weaker than we have been left to believe.

(Support for increases in the number of refugees & asylum seekers allowed into the United States was opposed by 42% of Texas Hispanics and 59% of Texas whites. Still only about 50% opposition. 35% of Texas Hispanics supported increases as did 27% of Anglos.)

I feel like the pro-immigration sentiment would be much stronger if Democrats actually WERE pro-immigration, so people could hear arguments from both "sides" of an immigration debate. Just imagine how different the poll results would (always) be if Democrats were one-tenth as pro-immigration as they are pro-choice (aka. abortion obsession).

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