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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Phat Unplugged
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Message 186 of 229 (899237)
10-10-2022 10:33 PM
Reply to: Message 185 by dwise1
10-10-2022 6:36 PM

Re: Reanswering a 7 year old question
dwise1 writes:
It was during that time that I read their proselytizing training materials (much use of cartoons depicting a "conversation" with the intended victim in which the "saved one" would hit his mark with difficult questions intended to be unanswerable by the mark and hence would either throw him off balance and more open to conversion or else to discredit him and his position in the eyes of bystanders.
Speaking of which, I got a Chick tract in the mail the other day ("This is your life"). Good old Jack Chick. Death hasn't slowed him down.

"Oh no, They've gone and named my home St. Petersburg.
What's going on? Where are all the friends I had?
It's all wrong, I'm feeling lost like I just don't belong.
Give me back, give me back my Leningrad."
-- Leningrad Cowboys

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Member (Idle past 118 days)
Posts: 20940
From: frozen wasteland
Joined: 03-23-2005

Message 195 of 229 (905709)
02-02-2023 12:16 PM
Reply to: Message 192 by Phat
12-02-2022 1:54 PM

Re: Phats YouTube Beliefs-Secular Side.
Phat writes:
I need to research my claims more to back them with facts....
Backwards. Start with facts and THEN make claims based on them. The scientific method is to test ideas, comparing them to the facts, not go looking for facts to confirm your biases.
Phat writes:
You dont want to face it and address it because you dont even understand what money is or what determines its value.
You're talking to yourself.

Come all of you cowboys all over this land,
I'll teach you the law of the Ranger's Command:
To hold a six shooter, and never to run
As long as there's bullets in both of your guns.
-- Woody Guthrie

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