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Author Topic:   Michael Dowd - "Thank God for Evolution"
Brad McFall
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06-15-2008 8:45 PM

Michael Dowd was in two pages of the NY TIMES Mag Today. It is available on his website

I have said earlier in a thread on Owen Gingerich that creation/evolution is reaching a new plateau in the level of discourse sustained. The author of the piece covers pretty much most of the bases.

I was at Presybtery Meeting (in the Presbyterian Church there are levels from Church, Presbytery,Synod,to General Assembly) and one person being questioned for ordination as Pastor stated that she believed that “grace” was evident throughout human evolution but when questioned on it said that she had meant that our modern world requires a different interpretation than that given in Jesus’ generation only.

This question seems to have been the same one that the author of the piece in the Times Magazine tried to extract from Dowd’s “work”. It is one ('grace' across generations) that needs some discussion if there is to be any real marriage between religion in science in the way Dowd intends it seems to me.

Today, in Adult Ed after Church, I got to hear of the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims so I do not agree with the position of the author who used Ken Ham (I have spoken with him) and Dennet and Ruse on the other side, to say that perhaps there is nothing to Dowd but mixed feelings nor contrarily would there be a spiritual use-side for scientists.

Anyway, my latest view on science and from there on.. as to how it might be enlarged in a proper paternity of this world conducting an expand creation/evolution discipline where transcendental logic exists is here:
( I was able to use thermodynamics to make a prediction about the relation of transposons and control regions of operons)

Regardless of my own opinion, I would like to know what you all think of Dowd as he will be in Cortlandville on July 13 and I will have the opportunity to discuss things with him.

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