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Author Topic:   Site is now up!
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From: EvC Forum
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04-16-2003 12:15 PM

Hello everyone,

EvC Forum would like to extend apologies to all members and lurkers for the extended downtime. The server at the webhost was experiencing technical problems that proved difficult to resolve. All should be well for the foreseeable future.

--EvC Forum Administrator

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02-28-2004 3:08 PM

We're back!
Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the approximately two hours the site was down this aftersoon. Our webhosting company sent me the following detailed explanation:

Dear Percy,

Our admins have addressed the issue with your web server. Your site is now up. Thanks for your patience.

Sincerely, Mike J.

The webhost server has actually been very reliable over the past year. This is the first extended downtime in a while.


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