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Author Topic:   link
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01-19-2001 8:06 PM


Everything is fantastic. Thank you. One very minor thing is if you could change the moving day link to the front page I'd appreciate it. I understand you want to wait to catch people as they are going into the old club for a while though to explain the purpose.

Larry Handlin

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 Message 2 by Percy, posted 01-23-2001 10:07 PM lbhandli has not yet responded

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01-23-2001 10:07 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by lbhandli
01-19-2001 8:06 PM

Hi Larry,

I've been busy and didn't notice yours and Gene's posts under suggestions. I just replied to Gene and should have apologized for being so long in answering, so I'll apologize to you both here - Sorry!

Though I didn't see your post till just now, I had already gotten the feeling that the Moving Day picture had outlived its usefulness and changed it, earlier today I think, maybe yesterday.

Thanks for the kudos, much appreciated, I'm so proud! Now if I can just get participation to pick up...

Speaking of which, I think there's a problem but I'd like to make sure other people are noticing it. Is your username and password filled in automatically right at the outset, or do you have to enter it for your first post during any login session? I always have to enter it the first time, and I was going to fix that next because it's annoying.


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 Message 1 by lbhandli, posted 01-19-2001 8:06 PM lbhandli has not yet responded

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