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Author Topic:   Is the evolution of modern man going to stop
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From: slovenija
Joined: 09-04-2010

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03-08-2011 11:03 AM

Is evolution in modern man still going on or will it be suppressed by medicine science and our way of life.

some interesting traits developed in some humans that will sadly not be selected for.

Wim Hof the Iceman, he jogged in shorts in freezing 20 degreez below temperatures us normals would not be able to pull that off, he also holds the record for being submerged in ice for 1 h and 44 minutes we would probably be at a grate risk of death if we tried that and he suffered no ill efects

Daniel Tammet the Brain Man
learned icleandic in 1 weak, knows Pi to the first 22 000 digits

Then you have people with "hercules gens" stronger then us normals and develope muscles faster

Will all of these and other interesting traits be lost because they are not selected for anymore, todays survival depends on making money to feed yourself and if you have bad gens you can get healthcare and pass on your bad gens to the next generation and the good gens have the same amount of chance of being passed on as the bad ones.

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03-09-2011 8:58 AM

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