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Author Topic:   Ring species
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From: slovenija
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06-09-2011 4:42 AM

Ring species are species that have a clear line of descent a clear line of "micro evolution" from one to another. Usually this line traces on 2 sides of a barrier and each species can interbreed with its neighboring species except where the 2 lines meat at the end of the barrier there the the 2 species at the end of each line can no longer interbred with each other

Like the greenish warbler

There is a clear descent pattern visible in all neighboring "versions" of the greenish warbler And all neighboring species can interbreed except where the 2 lines come together as the arrows show in the picture those 2 "versions" of the greenish warbler cannot interbreed.

What do ring species say about the creationist "Kind" theory?

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06-09-2011 10:07 AM

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