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Author Topic:   Alpha-Omega universes in free fall
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10-25-2012 7:58 AM

black holes drive expansion of universe
There are black holes through out our local universe at the centre of galaxies, galaxies merge as do black holes becoming ever larger, if we was to step outside our universe you would see we are surrounded by countless universes and universe size black holes all pulling on each other, being pulled (falling) to Omega a "black hole" which as feasted on many universes until it becomes to "heavy" for its current dimension and drops into a lower dimension and "pops" this is Alpha "white hole" which spews all it as fed on, matter-energies-space-time which then rapidly expand in this "lower dimension", forming many universes in there own space-time bubbles all expanding all falling.

We are within one of these "expanding bubbles" still falling that is why the stars and planets are weightless just like astronauts practicing weightlessness in a falling plane.

We are once again falling towards the Omega. (There are no white holes in any single universe as there is not enough mass to make the Alpha-omega).


Coming back to our "local universe" i was wondering if the "gravity wells" around galaxies stars and planets are there because of them or are the galaxies and stars etc there because of the "gravity wells", imperfections of the expanding "universe bubble in this lower dimension" that attract the heavier elements from the higher dimension into pockets forming stars and galaxies. Perhaps something like gold on a sluice table where the heavier gold sinks into the troughs of the sluice table and lighter materials wash over.

So as our universe expands in this lower dimension it draws in lower "dimensional space", acting like the water pouring into our universe causing "troughs in space" where the heavy old dimensional materials collect creating what we see (planets stars galaxies). And the old dimensional space (dark energies) creating a lattice, while the lower dimensional space fills the lattice. The old is the "skeleton web" of the new.

With this, i would expect there to be vortexs all over our universe where the lower dimensional space is rushing in or out.

There are super massive black holes filling the galaxy bubble, There are also atom size black holes filling our solar bubble, the larger the vortex the more lower dimensional space rushes in depositing larger amounts of higher dimensional particles causing star to form, but as we continue to expand the higher dimensioal materials become more dispersed, stars and galaxies form further apart , the rushing lower dimensional space causes the materials to swirl in these pockets,

The larger the "galaxy" or cluster of stars would mean there is a larger vortex or multiple vortexs (black holes) nearby. I also expect as our universe bubble expands the galaxy bubbles will start to shrink as dimensional space is evened out, "black holes" then reverse drawing "space -energies" to other areas of our universe bubble.

Voyager 1 should be reaching the edge of our solar bubble, i expect it to encounter higher amounts of incoming higher dimensional energies. Recently hubble as done some more deep field imageing and i was thinking we might start seeing the edges of other "expanding universes" beginning to merge with our own.

Once you realise our universe is expanding in lower dimensional space, you realise the edges of our universe must have vortexs(black holes) letting the lower dimensional space rush in, You realise galaxies formed when there was a higher concentration of higher dimensional materials, now we have expanded somewhat, there is less concentrate of higher dimensional materials, so less to deposit in troughs, This depositing is still going on, They are known as gamma ray bursts.

And being as we are expanding these Gamma bursts would mostly be towards the edges of our universe, so would be happening mainly around the the very first stars and galaxies http://www.nasa.gov/...es/spitzer/news/spitzer-20071025.html

Black holes are the process to even the expanding universe, sometimes expelling sometimes consuming,

Which also then got me to thinking if all "matter and energies" came from a higher dimension we must then be higher dimensional beings living in this lower dimension which inturn means life came from the higher dimension and must then permeate dimensional space time and collect in the right "gravity wells" not to hot not to cold (earth). As it is said "what is above is below" http://www.themystica.com/...ica/articles/a/below_above.html.

Sometimes you first have to step outside to see the bigger picture.
This is a tiny part of that bigger picture.

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10-25-2012 8:01 AM
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10-25-2012 7:58 AM

Meet me in chat. Lets discuss promoting this topic

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 Message 1 by sunshaker, posted 10-25-2012 7:58 AM sunshaker has not yet responded

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10-26-2012 2:43 AM

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