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Author Topic:   hey, bacteria communicate:
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11-14-2012 12:11 AM

*sips beer*
This is an old Ted talks, has anything she’s saying changed?
-bacteria protect and read its host and communicate to each other.
-bacteria vote.
-attack when they have sufficient numbers only.
-can count their own siblings.
-do not live alone with only one species of its type.
-can speak multiple languages.
-have a master language for all bacteria.
-all share one common 5 atom molecule, which is the language basis.
-science wants to shut the bacteria up. To reduce bacteria that release virus.
-scientist kills some rats. And makes bacteria.
-scientists think bacteria set the rules to life including our own.
-bacteria can distinguish identities of individuals of their types.
-humans are 99% bacteria.
-scientists decide to help bacteria talk to each other better. To fight disease.
-something about science being done by 30 year old 'kids'.
-she say's thank you and giggles away.


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11-14-2012 11:11 AM

Quorum sensing is a very real thing, but your opening post anthropomorphizes it beyond recognition. Bacteria don't vote in the same way we do. They release chemicals that change gene expression in other bacteria, and often the most potent or most abundant factor will become the dominant quorum sensing signal.

It is a very automated system with no "thought processes". Due to the number of genes and species involved it is a complex system, but complexity does not mean intelligence. The weather is complex, but hardly intelligent.

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