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Author Topic:   Polar reversals how do you fit them in a young earth hypothesis
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From: slovenija
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10-25-2013 5:18 PM

We find volcanic rock that is magnetized opposite to the earth's magnetic field indicating that the magnetic field was once reversed.

For the past 83 million years we have evidence of 184 reversals.

We have used the compass for about 2000 years and found no record of a polar shift so that means that in the 4000 years that are still available to your model the poles shifted 184 times or once every 22 years. Reaking havoc among wildlife that use the earth's magnetism as a guide. Many periods of high radiation from the sun as the pole was shifting it could not protect us from it......

How do you explain away those problems in your young earth "hypothesis"?

And why did these rapid reversals stop after we discovered the compass?

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10-25-2013 6:52 PM

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