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Author Topic:   Possibility Order of Magnetude Metric (POMM)
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03-18-2014 7:10 AM

We see any number of arguments that "X" is possible when dealing with YEC arguments.

Example: speed of movement of tectonic plates -- to get from one continent just after the flood (so the animals can disperse to their current locations) the blocks must move at a pretty fantastic clip ... is it possible?

Technically anything is "possible" but a critical analysis says that it is not very possible ...

To get a handle on this I propose a metric to deal with this issue: The POMM, the "Possibility Order of Magnitude Metric."

Take the current known maximum rate (CKMR)-- any proposal that uses this rate is assigned a POMM value of 1 (highly possible)

Double that rate is assigned a POMM of 0.5 (fairly possible)

The rest is an exponential curve:

POMM = (1/2)r
where r = proposed rate / CKMR

So if one proposes that continents move at 1 foot per day when the CKMR is 1 inch per year the POMM would be (1/2)(12x365) = 3.080484244×10⁻¹³¹⁹

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03-18-2014 9:03 AM

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