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Author Topic:   Why is evolution so controversial?
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04-10-2014 4:29 PM

It is often enunciated that Modern biology only makes sense in light of evolution. Yet a growing number of scientists are frowning upon the modern synthesis and seem to be still quite useful scientists.

When I started my General Medicine course some three years ago, I was surprised to discover just how modest a role Evolution plays in medical school, aside from an introduction level treatment (1st year) it only received passing mentions for the most part. I expected it to be given as a subject on its own, but lo and behold that is not the case in medical school! It doesn't look like Medicine is that into Evolution!

Even more shocking was my biology professor's reply when I asked her to elaborate on some detail of evolution during a class, she told me not to trouble myself with such question that will only distract the lesson, and then she added evolution is contentious anyway. "Evolution is contentious!" From the lips of a research professor!

Many would say that doubters are in denial since evolution happens all the time, and they would speak of malarial resistance to chloroquine. Yet this is not the “theory of evolution” that is typically inflicted on the public. This relatively minor population changes has been empirically observed, what we haven't seen is body-plan level changes.

So why is evolution so controversial? Is there something wrong with the science or are people just stubborn? I would say that although many reject it on religious reasons other still reject it on grounds of science! As for me, after a full course in anatomy, topographical anatomy, and neurology, I simply cannot accept evolution, life looks very designed and so for the time being I will side with those scientists who call nonsense on the modern synthesis.

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04-10-2014 6:28 PM

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