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Author Topic:   Asif Zardari turns his guns on PM Sharif
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08-31-2015 9:11 AM

Breaking News Pakistan : Asif Zardari turns his guns on PM Sharif
ISLAMABAD: PPP Co-Chairperson and former President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for what he described as repeating the politics of 1990’s.
We accepted the results of 2013 General Elections for the sake of democracy, although those elections were RO’s elections. The decisions just announced by the Tribunals have proved our point that the PML-N received outside help and was made to win the elections, Zardari said in a press statement issued from London today.
The former President said that at a time when our innocent citizens were being killed by indiscriminate bombing in border villages by the enemy; when Pakistani Army is fighting a decisive war against the terrorists and also fighting at our borders, Mian Nawaz Sharif, instead of challenging the real enemy, is targeting Peoples Party and other political opponents.
Asif Zardari turns his guns on PM Sharif

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