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Author Topic:   Are religions manmade and natural or supernaturally based?
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10-13-2015 7:57 PM

Are religions manmade and natural or supernaturally based?

IMO. All religions are manmade and all Godís are projections of manís desires for supremacy and to be the Alpha male of the human race. Survival of the fittest and our desire to be the fittest human is what drives us and keeps mankind progressing and evolving.

I offer the following to prove my case.


This last shows the Gnostic Christian understanding of seeking the ideal human and Jesus archetype that we call Jesus the good.


The choice people have is to believe that religions are ultimately products of a supernatural God who dictates policy to humans, who then pen them into holy books, and we have many Gods who are of this ilk, or to recognize that all these Gods are products of manís imagination.

Proof for manmade Gods is obvious. Men have created the documentation of what they think.

Proof for a supernatural God has yet to be shown other than humans who say they wrote what was dictated by a God. Some do not see that as proof.

I think the proof we have of Godís being manmade is that no real supernatural God has ever bothered to correct any of the contradicting information about him, her or it. No God has ever corrected us.

Do you think Gods are manmade or do you believe in a supernatural God?

Why do you think that way?


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10-15-2015 9:42 AM

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