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Author Topic:   Are we in a new world Empire? A NWO?
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10-13-2015 7:57 PM

Are we in a new world Empire? A NWO?

War of any real significance is almost impossible. Our ability to destroy the whole world will scare any one power from ever declaring a world war.


The link above, and history, shows how various nations are coming together to form larger and yet larger cooperating groups of nations. Almost all nations now are members of the U.N. and Free Trade is the new buzz word and goal of all nations.

Thanks to technology, diverse cultures and languages can be melded to a point where everyone can be understood by almost everyone else. Computers now translate between diverse languages and the artificial borders we have created between peoples are almost all gone.

The link above indicates that the unification of mankind is inevitable and a natural desire for us all to belong to the biggest and most powerful tribe. We have generally agreed to let the U.S. be the world police. We have also created a World Bank and monetary fund that basically ignores borders. All banks will soon have to all work under the same rules.

Are we already in an Empire that includes the whole world? Are we in a NWO?


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10-14-2015 2:16 AM

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