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Author Topic:   The American sense of justice and morality is dead. Do you agree?
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10-13-2015 7:58 PM

The American sense of justice and morality is dead. Do you agree?

Are those qualities dead everywhere?


Vigilantism is driven by a sense of justice and morality. That sense is feared by our oligarch and plutocrat owners. That vigilantism, I think, is what used to keep the politician in line and our oligarch owners more generous towards their underlings/us.


Justice and the American Dream were driven by a sense of justice and morality. That sense of justice and morality has been replaced, at the top of the demographic pyramid, and our new owners, by the new sense that the acquisition of wealth is now the moral and just ideal. The oligarchs’ new God is now money.

The rich, in their gated communities, think themselves secure and think that their huge wealth will protect them and isolate them from justice. They do not fear vigilantes as they seem to think that the heart and desire for justice is no longer in the average American heart.

Are they correct?

Are we all willing to continue in such a system where the rich, while driving by the poor, not only do not care for them or their plight, but also take what little the poor have as they drive on by?

I call that theft with the collusion and help of their political elected slaves, eh, politicians I mean.


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10-15-2015 9:40 AM

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