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Author Topic:   An 8 Dimensional Model of the Universe
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11-08-2015 5:41 AM

Another take ...
Garrett Lisi, An 8 Dimensional Model of the Universe
TED talk 2008
Pretty pictures, reminds me of kaleidoscopes. I'm sure that the math is quite intricate.
This model predicts several "missing" particles (ones that have not yet been observed) and that we may observe some with the new Large Haldron Collider.
If they don't show up it won't disprove the model
If something different shows up it may need revision (just add another dimension?)
It doesn't model the beginning of the universe, just the way it appears to be composed of particles.
But it could also be just a fascinating mathematical model ... based on a fascination with symmetry, not reality. How can one tell?
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11-08-2015 8:01 AM

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