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Author Topic:   Freedom of speech and thought and equality is what the West is and Islam forbids it.
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12-13-2015 11:59 AM

Freedom of speech and thought and equality is what the West is and Islam forbids it.

These two basic facts alone are why Islam and the West and our ideologies can never harmonize. Islam must change or be rejected and banned from Western countries.

The strength of the West is our sense of freedom and is why the West has progressed so far so fast. We allow and encourage free speech and free thought. Nothing and no area of thought is sanctified to us and that is why we are so progressive and have gained so much over time. We test all ideas and hold on to what is good.

Islam and Muslims have shot themselves in the mind by closing off certain beliefs that they hold due to being idol worshipers of their invisible and imaginary God. Much like Christianity did when they helped usher in the Dark Ages against free thought and their Inquisition.

Islam is trying to do the same and meeting the resistance that they deserve. The world is not going to tolerate another Dark Age against free thought nor their form of Inquisition called jihad.

Some wise Muslims, a small minority it seems, know better but the vast majority are not listening to them.


Jewry and Christianity pulled themselves, by and large, out of their mental doldrums and now enjoy the freedom of thought and speech that is the hallmark and cornerstone of the Western ideology. Equality under the law is recognized as a higher moral tenet than misogyny and inequality. The West will never allow itself to return to the barbarity and inequality of older and more backward thinking times.

I am a left leaning person but Trump may be right, when we look at the numbers, to want to keep all Muslims out of our Western countries. Have a look from a progressive Muslims point of view.


How can we bring the wisdom of these two progressive Muslim in the links provided, to the ears, and more importantly the hearts, of all Muslims?

P.S. I am not racist against Islam and Muslims. If I could, I would ban all idol worshiping religions, --- including Christianity and Islam, --- as all both are good for is producing homophobic and misogynous men.

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12-14-2015 9:57 AM

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