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Author Topic:   The Great Debate: Molecular Population Genetics and Diversity in Evolution
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05-26-2016 4:48 PM

This is the Great Debate thread on genetic diversity and the limits of evolution, between myself and Faith.

The purpose and scope of this topic is the material and overarching themes I discussed in the OP of "Molecular Population Genetics and Diversity through Mutation".

Instead of regurgitating our few exchanges on that thread and posting them here, here I've listed the relevant messages to look at in order to get caught up.

Message 1, OP, by Genomicus.

Message 4, response by Faith.

Message 18, response by Genomicus.

Message 27, response by Faith.

Message 38, response by Genomicus.

Message 39, response by Faith.

If this topic gets approved, I will simply start by responding to Message 39 and perhaps adding a bit of material on the key points I intend to demonstrate.

Moderator, let me know if there's anything that needs to be changed with this.

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05-27-2016 10:08 AM

Thread Copied to The Great Debate Forum
Thread copied to the The Great Debate: Molecular Population Genetics and Diversity in Evolution thread in the The Great Debate forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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