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Author Topic:   Bible Museum in DC
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10-18-2017 4:34 AM

Apparently there's a new Bible Museum opening up in DC.

According to news reports it's the brain child of Steve Green of Hobby Lobby fame and financed by his family. The museum is described as flamboyant with eight floors and 430 000 square feet of floor space.

Ironically enough not much involves Jesus at all, but a depiction of the Virgin Mary features prominently. Neither the crucifixion nor the resurrection of Jesus is mentioned at all.

The museum will host one of the largest Torah collections in the world as well as a room depicting Noah's Ark with accompanying sounds of animals, etc.

Unfortunately the photo's I have come from an Afrikaans website. The heading of that article reads Bible Museum contains very little about Jesus.

Now conservative Christians are all up in arms about it. They don't want it to be called a Bible Museum, but something like a Jewish and Catholic Museum.

What's your take on it?

Religious forums please.

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10-18-2017 5:28 AM

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