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Author Topic:   The roots of Creation Science and Darwinism
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05-15-2018 2:48 PM

Darwinian Evolution (Darwinism) is the inconsistent and unfair following the principle: laws of energy-momentum conservation (as well as all other conservations) are always valid. Even in the Virtual Big Bang. However this road leads to self-denial and lies: Science v s God Its The Collapse Of Physics As We Know it Science v s God Its The Collapse Of Physics As We Know it - video Dailymotion
"Michio Kaku - The Universe Shouldn't Exist"
However nihilism (the atheism is its expression) is not the announced "absence of Absolute Truth", but simply the "art to lie without a shame".
Creation Science (or simply Creationism) is the freedom from unfair and blind demand to follow the conservation laws in physics.
The Nature is what Standard Instruments do measure (at least in principle), and Instruments are what measure the Nature. Shortly: Time is what the clock shows (Albert Einstein). This way the definition of Nature became free from our body-senses.
Spirituality, and divinity — is what can not be measured by Standard Instruments. For example: your love to mom has no physical temperature, has no physical pressure. So, spirituality is not part of the Nature. Spirituality is not natural.
Actions of spiritual beings always violate the conservation laws of Nature.
PROOF: spiritual being is not part of Nature.
However, the behaviour of Nature under the influence of spiritual beings is describable
by addition several terms (functions and fields) into the equations of Nature. For example, the Newton Second Law a m = F (the m is mass of body, the a is acceleration of body, F is physical force acting on body) can fully describe the levitation and telekinesis by addition of the force-field K (with no natural source). So, a m = F + K.
The proof, that without the spiritual terms (like K) the mathematics of Academic Science is not self-consistent: Just a moment...
There can not be divine-less model of Nature. The spiritual beings and God are necessary.

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05-15-2018 5:45 PM

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