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Author Topic:   Time Dilation, the Hubble Shift and God's Eternal Universe
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06-08-2018 1:38 PM

Hello Moderator;
I am a Cum Laude graduate of a Federal academy (USMMA, Kings Point) and am self educated beyond that in quantum physics and relativity, etc. I can read and understand Einstein in the original. No one as of yet, including at least 2 Phd's, have been able to find fault with this theory.
After years of study and many false starts, I have finally been able to combine our scientific knowledge with the divine origin of the universe. What follows are some of the main points from my 21 page paper. I am posting here in the hopes that the spiritual folks here will bring it to the attention of spiritual scientists, who will then spread it on through the Godless scientific community. Of course the Godless mainstream Big Bang journals will not touch it.
I tried different methods to get my sub and superscripts to show, but to no avail. I rely on your guidance for that. Thank you for your time, here is the post:
If we derive the Hubble Constant as a 2.2686*10-18 s/s acceleration in the rate of proper time, instead of a spatial acceleration, and then apply that acceleration to the time elements of Einstein’s Tensor, we eliminate singularities and infinite expansions because the geodesics are slightly distorted:
Where t1 = coordinate time and t = proper time, the time elements Δt1 / Δt become: ((((Δt1*(((1 +((Δt1 / Δt) * (2.2686*10-18)))) / ((Δt * (1 + (Δt * 2.2686*10-18).
For each second of Δt0 this becomes: ((Δt1*(1 + 2.2686*10-18 Δt1)) / ((1 + (2.2686*10-18))
This manifests as a net acceleration of the proper time relative to the coordinate time as the dilation gradient deepens and Δt1 → 0. This prevents the subsequent formation of a singularity in a Big Crunch scenario both within a black hole, where instead of a singularity we see the ever-tightening spiraling evolution, or the universe as a whole, which, as below, we see spiraling off in all directions in the galaxies.
Obversely, as Δt1 → ∞, infinite divergence is impossible as Δt1 is always divided by a sum > 1; i.e., ∞ / (1 + 2.2686*10-18) < ∞.
Looking outward to the past, we see a finite divergence as older, slower, galaxies slip from view as time appears to stop, as we appear to evolve inward towards the event horizon of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way in the spiraling convergence of General Relativity, but without the creation of a singularity. Each galaxy therefore is a branching of the forward evolution of the universe.
As we approach an apparent event horizon it recedes because we cannot get to a place where the rate of time is anything but 1 s/s due to the EP. Traveling outward, older frames would come back into view. Approaching a black hole, as time appears to slow the length of a meter must lengthen to maintain c. Since time keeps slowing and lengths keep lengthening, it is not possible to reach the event horizon. Space just keeps spreading out in the spiral ahead of the observer. If we consider the apparent event horizon of galactic black holes to be an edge of the universe, as it is looking outward, then each event horizon is the gateway to universes ad infinitum.
Moving on quickly to gravity: Space evolves forward with time. This makes time the fundamental force of the universe. First, we consider Einstein’s Fundamental Metric to be the basis of the tensors forming a null gravitational field that represents that fundamental evolution of space over time. When we introduce a dilation gradient, we also see an evolution down the gradient. This is why gravity only has one direction and why it overpowers the other forces so easily even though it is so weak. It is an irresistible evolutionary force in time.
Dilation gradients can only be orthogonal to the fundamental direction of evolution, FDE, because spacetime is an evolving continuum and there is no space ahead of or behind the evolving continuum for the dilation gradient to appear in. The gradient can only appear across the FDE as viewed by an outside observer. Likewise, objects cannot move through space except along the dilation gradients. This is the fundamental flaw in perception in current astrophysics.
What eternally promulgates spacetime?
Einstein’s Fundamental Metric
X -1 0 0 0
Y 0 -1 0 0
Z 0 0 -1 0
T 0 0 0 +1
A particle moves in a straight line in this Fundamental Metric, where there is no time dilation; where the time-time element g44 = +1, which is an invariant 1 s/s rate in all frames, the same rate we each experience in our inertial frame as we evolve along our worldline. It represents a null gravitational field. Though a useful tool in GR, Einstein admits this metric most likely cannot exist in finite space. If it did, there would just be a single, infinitesimal, particle, and it would have a zero velocity, regardless of the X, Y, Z components of the metric, as there would be nothing to relate its motion to. Space would appear flat and have no dimensions as there would be nothing else to relate distance to. He considers this situation to be in vacuo. In saying this state probably cannot exist in a finite region, he is confirming the author’s conjecture that the spacetime continuum is energetic. It cannot be otherwise.
Because no motion would be apparent in the Fundamental Metric, it can be reduced to just the time-time element, g44, which is simply TT = 1. An observer existing in this state would only be aware of time passing. The observer’s space would be evolving forward with time, but that would be undetectable. The author calls this the IATIA state: I Am That I Am. This will raise some objections, but it must be noted that our reality is an illusion being manifested out of superposition waveforms that only take on forms that are dependent on an observer being present. Again, as per Einstein, Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one..
The author has had proof positive in his life experience that what he is about to say is true: faith gives us divine power. Doctors depend on it and casino owners hate it. This has also been proven by others, repeatedly, throughout the world, throughout history, in the laboratory of life, which he believes should satisfy scientific criteria. Miracles do happen.
This is because spacetime is created by the awareness of being here, space, and now, time. There is a primary awareness that exists only because it is aware of time passing. No light, no senses, just self-awareness. This is the I Am That I Am.
This is a horrible state of being. The worst thing we do to people is to put them in solitary confinement.
Fortunately, it can imagine light and alter its perception of rates of time to stretch the light to give its space depth and otherwise manipulate the light to create worlds that it can incarnate itself into, losing itself to escape its eternal loneliness and pass its eternity. All life forms are just different points of view, different perspectives for that single awareness. Hence, we are all one in it and we are all its children and, hence, in faith we have divine power.
Because we are all one in it, it harmonizes our universes. This explains non-locality. Alice and Bob have harmonized experiences, regardless of the apparent distance between them, because they are one-and-the-same in the Creator that is harmonizing their points of view.
The universe evolves forward beneficially for us when we believe it will. We are all brought forth as infants who must be carefully succored and this initiates us into faith. We are born into a totally loving, caring, supportive world. A guilty conscience initiates doubt, which is the opposite of faith, and it can manifest devastating effects.
The science is part of the illusion, but it enables us to manipulate things in such a way as to make our lives much fuller and better in innumerable ways. Ultimately, though, it works because we believe it does.
The reason we all hate boredom and fear loneliness is because we are of and from that eternally alone being. If you would know the Creator, know yourself.
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is your faith that makes you whole. If you want proof, ask for something reasonable. Don’t forget to say, Thank you, when you get it.
If you would like to see these concepts developed, along with an explanation of galactic rotation velocities, my full, 21-page, paper, General Relativity: Effects in Time as Causation, can be found here: e-Print archive, viXra:1804.0109, .
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