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Author Topic:   The Gutsiness Of Last Place
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07-30-2018 4:31 PM

I recently read this amazing article: Lawson Craddock's Amazing Last-Place Finish In The Tour De France

This reminded me of one ride that I had 28 years ago in 1990. We had registered and joined the annual Colorado Ride The Rockies for the first time (I ended up going 3 years from 1990-1992)
and I will never forget the first time I climbed a mountain pass on my bicycle!
I was climbing a 7% grade for several miles! I never forgot how much I hurt and sweated and literally cried for relief! In addition, after climbing the pass we had to ride 80 more miles in a headwind! Even going downhill I could only manage 10 mph in my smaller chainrings and I fell further and further behind the main group.

It was the start of a love/hate feeling with those types of rides. I hated the feelings but deep down I loved it even more! I was alive and I was moving!

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